Where to find the best museums in Budapest

Budapest is quite a logical city to explore but when you first arrive here you will definetaly need some guidence in the beggining because it’s sprawling and gigantic compared to other central european capitals. Now we will give you a few tips where to find the best museums in Budapest. Fortunately most museums are located in the heart of the city divided from the outer parts by the small ring avenue where the 4-6 tram goes. The most popular museums are only a few minutes walk apart from each other so you should not have a problem reaching one after the other. These museums include the Hungarian National Museum or the grat synagoge of Budapest. There are two other major hubs for museums in the city. One is next to the Heroes Square where you can find the Museum of Arts and soon the great park next to it will accomodate another few buildings to explore. The other main hub is in the castle of Buda where you can find the Máthyás Church or the Museum of Budapest.

find the best museums in budapest

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